New club opened, Bunkr Prague 4 Krč, Štúrova Street.
Only this club is in operation.


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SWINGERS CLUB PRAHA 1  Štúrova Prague 4 Krč,
discreet erotic club for couple, single damen and men.


Private discreet All inclusive club, where you can have fun and enjoy yourself as much as you want to, or where you don’t have to do anything at all. Before entering don't search for any commercial about us, you will not find one, only call us and our willing personal will pick you up. In this way you can avoid inconvenience, because all is in spirit of a being discreet. 

The capacity of our swingers club is more than 100 visitors! New guests are happy to advise, or you can read the our club rules.

For the maximum discretion of our guests using of mobile phones, cameras, tablets and other similar items in the club is strictly prohibited!!! All these items please leave in your box in cloakroom.


 Everybody is welcome in our club. You can come anytime.
No reservations are needed at all.


Imagine wellness, sauna, restaurant and sports bar for hockey and football fans, clubroom, romantic place with a fireplace and a giant aquarium, comfortable place to make chat with friends, all accompanied by pleasant music and cinema with wide screen broadcasting the erotic or the sporting genre.

As an addition you may use the small private rooms to enjoy and experience the adult fun whenever you want. There are some dark chamber, illuminated, lockable, open spaces, two, three, or four large rooms for an unlimited number of people at our Swingers Club. Sufficient quantities of condoms are prepared in each room. The erotic massage lotion is at the bar on your request. The internet is also available on our computer by the bar area.


Our special offer for couples (man+woman) in the age between 18 and 26 years -
your entrance fee to any party of our club is only 6 . On Wednesdays there is an absolutely free entrance for couples (man+woman) of any age.

  To top it all, we have free intimate chambers, where you can experience the "adult entertainment" whenever you feel like doing it. Add reasonable prices, people in high spirits and helpful staff that fulfills always all your wishes. Put all of this things together in one place and long to the night, and you know how it looks in our club.


Motto of our swingers club: "Nothing is obligatory but everything is possible."


For the reason of the maximum discretion concerning your visit in our club, please, contact us HERE. You can find there where to find us and how to join our swingers party. As we are a private club, for the purpose of privacy and safety of our members, we are not obliged to accept everybody. 


Swingers Date Club LogoNo matter from how far you travel to us, we only want you to feel comfortable and make yourself at home. We have prepared an absolute comfort and a style milieu for you.


We are looking forward to your visit and for your free time spent with us.


We want you to extend your erotic horizont and change your monotonous life. Many actions will be prepared for you, from an erotic program to SM, fetish, bi and other parties. A matter of course is to organize parties for Gangbang and Bukkake followers. For beginners and less experienced visitors we are ready to give them advice and explain everything.


Lovers became a husband and a wife with marriage but a husband and a wife can become lovers again only at a swingers party.


Many of you (men as well as women) out of ignorance swingers action reject. The problem is not your own decisions, but the fact that to support the argument of swingers party is why not, people use absolutely nonsensical answers that reality have only very little in common. Unfortunately the misconceptions about the swingers: contribute erotic videos and movies. Our website will give you maximum information for your correct decision.


Erotica is not just dreaming, but getting a real experience.


If you still have some questions please email us: We'll be happy to answer and explain all your questions.



00 420 722 708 257,  00 420 222 931 914,