These rules are obligatory for any member of the Club.

In case you witnessed any behaviour breaking our rules (e.g. using mobile phones or cameras, drinking and smoking in saunas or rooms designated for sexual plays etc.) please be so kind and tell it immediately to our staff! Please, do the same in the situation that anyone is abusive and rough to you or is impolitely disturbing you. Our staff repairs the problem as soon as possible (such situations are not common in our Club, we only want you to feel safe and good here and to be sure that you need not tolerate anything unwanted).


 There is an info page for "swingers' greenhorns" called
"How is the party running from A to Sex".

(Now this page is translated only through the Google Translator.)


Swingers Club Praha 1 is intended for both couples and single women as well as for single men. 

Keeping hygiene and using condoms, which are at your disposal in all rooms, is an automatic obligation.

We expect diplomacy, seriousness and tolerance towards other couples from men.

If you are told or indicated with the word "NO", don’t feel it as an offence or arrogance, it only has the meaning the couple or the woman want to be alone. The word "NO" in the case of something unwanted may be used by anyone, regardless of the gender.

We wish all of you to feel good and pleasant in our Club.


There is absolutely no need for women coming to the Club alone or for "greenhorn" couples to be afraid of single men in the Club. All men must obey obligatory rules of the Club and noone may be forced to do anything unwanted. It is only up to you, what you do in the Club and how you want to spend your time - if it is with a glass of wine and talking, if it is with visitingt of the sauna or jacuzzi... The decision of joining any "adult play" is up to anyone - and everyone may also change his/her/their decision any time during the party. Noone may be forced to do anything by anybody.

There are rooms determined for couples only and rooms, where single men are allowed to enter.

Some people use masks for the purpose of being incognito in the club.

Each guest, especially couples, should make his/her/their decision what he/she/they would like to do here before visiting the Club; we do not like wailing, quarrels and tantrums in the Club. You are here for having fun, not for having arguments and hassles.

Swingers' beginners are always welcome to our Club without any commitments and obligations, if you like, you can come here just only for feeling the atmosphere and something to eat or drink. We would like all of you to make yourself home here and to visit us again.


It is strictly forbidden to take pictures or movies and use mobile phones in the whole Club. Please leave your mobile phones or any other similar items (cameras, tablets, notebooks etc.) in your locker, your access to them is granted anytime during your stay here. It is not nice and polite to disturb other guests with calling or writing messages. Such behaviour doesn't make a good impression.

The same rule is valid for talking about what has happened in the Club. The seriousness and secrecy of all guests is seen as automatic.

In the case of using mobiles or any other similar items out of the locker-room, the staff has the right to confiscate it for your whole stay in the Club and give it back to you just at the time of your leaving. You may be also expelled from the party for such behaviour.



Smoking is allowed only at the place specially designated for smoking - it is strictly forbidden in other rooms of the Club. We ask smokers to be tactful towards the others during meal time. Understand it in a way that it is not polite to smoke someone else "under his/her nose".


Be so kind and eat and drink only in places reserved for having meal. It is strictly forbidden to bring food or drinks into rooms designated for sexual games.

We also beg all women not to step with their shoes with heels on leather mattresses - they could get ripped. All of you (women and men) may bring your own slippers with you or you can buy them at the bar. In the Club, for the hygiene and health reasons, it is better neither to be barefooted nor be having the same shoes you have used the whole day.


For the hygiene and health reasons you must enter all saunas, basins and jacuzzis only without any clothes!


There are no special rules concerning how to dress to the Club. There are some "cosplay parties" (indicated in the programme of the Club) with the reduction of membership entrance fee for anyone having the thematic costume or any other item (e.g. a mask) of the evening but there is no obligation of wearing anything.

The only exception is the naturist (FKK) party - all are expected to be naked at it and there are also towels for your disposal only small for the purpose not to allow covering bodies at naturist party. Women may wear mask, suspenders or some erotic lingeries at naturist parties.

With the exception of naturist party, you may dress everything you like and feel well in it to the party but be judicious and do not wear anything what doesn't fit you or you look strange, silly and ridiculously in such a dress. We advise especially men that your naked body is not very erotic for women so it is better to wear some underwear or be covered with a towel in the club.


Dear guests, please help us to create the club in what you like to return
and where a fantastic sex and erotica would not be only a vague notion.
The club is formed only by its staff and especially by guests visiting it gladly.
So let us try, we all, to have a club we like a lot.



Rules of the discussion forum and dating

 Don't write any advertisements or answers without contact to you (e-mail), also do not write advertisements without your age, without clear expressing, for what are you really looking or advertisements just "few minutes" before the start of the party. There is an absolute prohibition of nasty words of any kind. All your advertisements must be relating to going to our club!



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