Our special offer for couples (man+woman) in the age between 18 and 26 years -
your entrance fee to any party of our club is only 6 .
On Wednesdays there is an absolutely free entrance for couples (man+woman) of any age.


Monday   NIGHT OF COUPLES - Couples 48all inclusive, single women 4 all inclusive.

V.I.P. NIGHT - couples 80 euro, single men 200 euro.

Tuesday  A Couple 8€. A Man 20€. A Woman 4€ (all inclusive).

Wednesday  A Couple gratis. A Man 40€. A Woman 4€ (all inclusive).

Thurseday  Naturist party: A Couple 20€. A Man 20€. A Woman 4€ (all inclusive).

Greenhorn evening or Hot threesome: A Couple 8€. A Man 20€.  A Woman 4€ (all inclusive).

Friday and Saturday  Discounted membership fees: A Couple: 12€. A Man 32€. A Women 4(all inclusive). It applies to these events: kandaulist, naturist, nights of love. In case of other events, discounts are available only when the conditions of the evening program (uniform, jersey, nick, gallery to, etc.) are fulfilled.

In case of different membeship fees it is to be noted directly on that event (eg. a party with live music).

There is a possibility of all inclusive fee in some parties (ask about it at the bar). The all inclusive membership fee is 48 for couples and 80 for single men.

Sunday  A Couple 12€. A Man 12€. A Woman 4€ (all inclusive).


Price includes always a rich buffet, sauna and Jacuzzi.


For single women: There is a possibility of buying special club card for the price of 4 .
The card is valid for one week and during that week you have free all inclusive entry
to 3 parties of your choice.

It is possible to pay the membership fees and drinks only in cash - many thanks for your understanding. There are three ATMs at the street Štúrova in the shopping centre called Novodvorská Plaza. Just follow the logo of your bank.


obrazky a citaty
 For single ladies, there are always FREE drinks at any party of our swingers club. We would like to create a real paradise for you.




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