Our special offer for couples (man+woman) in the age between 18 and 26 years -
your entrance fee to any party of our club is only 6 .


The cars parking at the parking place on the hill in front of the Club costs 100 CZK (4€). The fee applies to your whole stay in the Club and you have to pay it in our Club.

 Monday   NIGHT OF COUPLES - Couples 48all inclusive, single women 4 all inclusive.

V.I.P. NIGHT - couples 80 euro, single men 200 euro.

Tuesday  A Couple 12€. A Man 20€. A Woman 4€ (all inclusive).

Wednesday  A Couple 12. A Man 40€. A Woman 4€ (all inclusive).

Thurseday   A Couple 12€. A Man 20€. A Woman 4€ (all inclusive).

Friday and Saturday    A Couple: 20€. A Man 40€. A Women 4(all inclusive).

In case of different membeship fees it is to be noted directly on that event (eg. a party with live music).

There is a possibility of all inclusive fee in some parties (ask about it at the bar). The all inclusive membership fee is 48 for couples and 80 for single men.

Sunday  A Couple 12€. A Man 12€. A Woman 4€ (all inclusive).


Price includes always a rich buffet, sauna and Jacuzzi.


For single women: There is a possibility of buying special club card for the price of 4 .
The card is valid for one week and during that week you have free all inclusive entry
to 3 parties of your choice.


It is possible to pay the membership fees and drinks only in cash - many thanks for your understanding. There are three ATMs at the street Štúrova in the shopping centre called Novodvorská Plaza. Just follow the logo of your bank.


obrazky a citaty
 For single ladies, there are always FREE drinks at any party of our swingers club. We would like to create a real paradise for you.




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